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EVtones™ Playlist


Try these cool EVtones™ samples...

                                                    Harley Davidson Chopper                                                                                   Jet Engine Turbine

Sports Car (Lamborgini)

(The Samples above contain an embedded 24,000 Hz 'dog whistle' frequency.)

Below are just a few sample catagories from the EVtones™ Playlist. Many more
catagories including thousands of songs from all genres will be available for download. 
EVtones™ is creating a whole new licensing revenue stream for the Music Industry.
We look forward to offering your favorite tunes as EVtones™ for your EV.


Thousands of songs from across all genres will be added to the EVtones™ library of tones. EVtones contain special tones and frequencies to alert the blind and pets to oncoming electric and electric hybrid vehicles. These unique MP3 downloads will command a substantial premium and provide higher revenues to the music industry over current regular music MP3's. There has been an alarming decline in music revenues over the last few years due to file sharing, competition, the economy etc. EVtones will be a welcome and over time potentially significant addition to revenue generation in the music industry. Ther could also be public broadcasting rights associated with EVtones™ as the sounds are designed to be 'broadcast' to the public. Bran-Rae is reaching out to artists and the music world to embrace, promote and be a part of this exciting new concept. Bran-Rae is urging all electric vehicle manufacturers to make their sound producing devices EVtones™ - MP3 compatible. Intel's Atom chip designed for in-EV "infotainment", Microsoft's Auto Software platform, along with other hardware and software technologies from around the globe make perfect platforms for EVtones™ downloads.

The younger generation and the young at heart purchase downloads more than any demographic and will be the first to embrace this exciting technology. Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn said at the 2010 Detroit auto show, "We should say specifically 'young people, first-new-car buyer,' " when speaking about the target market for EV's and EV Hybrids. With President Obamas appeal to youth around the world and the administrations huge commitment to an electric vehicle future they will be the first demanding their EVtones™.  Almost every nation around the world are embracing and even surpassing the US in their push for EV's. China, India, Europe, Australia and many other countries will be adding millions of electric and electric hybrid vehicles over the next few years. This could mean potentially tens of millions of downloads and significant revenue sharing for the Music Industry. 

Laws have been passed requiring that electric cars and trucks make sounds to warn sight impaired pedestrians of their approach. Governments around the world are also passing laws requiring 
electric and electric hybrid vehicles to emit sounds. EVtones 
 will have a special under tone audible only to those with the most acute hearing such as the blind to distinguish these sounds coming from EVs. As individuals and governments adopt EVs and look to comply with these new laws, EVtones will be here to fill that need. 

Evtones™ also have an embedded sound similar to a dog whistle to ‘pre-alert’ Seeing Eye dogs. As an added benefit pet lovers across the world will feel a sense of security knowing that their pets will be alerted to oncoming, silent running electric vehicles. Animal lovers and animal rights groups can be assured that small urban wildlife will also be alerted to an EVs approach.  

We released our press release with more to follow.

We are building and will vastly increase our following on twitter, Facebook and other social media. 

"EVtones™ will be to electric vehicles what 

You tube is to e-video, google is to search engines,

ring tones are to cell phones and 

iTunes™ is to MP3 players... "


will be the name in EV sounds!


 Please contact us for more information and to be a part of this exciting new concept.




(many more to come...)


Thousands from all Genres!



Chevrolet Corvette
Porsche 911
Lamborgini Diablo
and many more...


Harley Davidson (various models)
Custom Chopper (various pipes)
Racing Motorcycle
and many more...


Huey Helicopter
Apache Helicopter
Abrams Tank
and many more...

Boeing 747
Boeing 737
and many more...

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