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Nations across the globe are putting timelines on mandating the adoption of Electric Vehicles. Although some of these timelines are years away we all know how time flies. Most of these governments, like the United States, are mandating that EVs emit sounds to alert the blind and pedestrians to their approach. Many auto manufacturers have announced recently they will be increasing EV models dramatically within the next few years to meet these mandates and current emissions regulations. EVtones™ will be a part of this Global rEVolution in Electric Vehicle transportation.

November 14, 2016 The NHTSA announced finalized details on EVtones, sounds for electric vehicles. Electric Vehicles are to have these tones by 2019, more information to come. 

As we have said since 2005 when we created and were the first to introduce this concept to the public. On 11/14/2016 we were vindicated! The NHTSB announced that "Electric cars, which have soundless engines, would need to make noises to let pedestrians know they’re near under a U.S. proposed rule." The initial rules are now scheduled to be implemented in 2018. The NHTSB website makes several references to these sounds as 'Tones' such as "...tones are added, overall levels are adjusted" and "...focus on the tone-to-noise ratio of the alert". We are happy to see the NHTSB agrees that these sounds are evTONES. Just like 'ringtones' became ingrained in the verbal lexicon relating to mobile phones, the 'EVTONES' brand will be ingrained in the verbal lexicon relating to electric vehicles.  

EVtones™ on ...Apple Car Play? Microsofts Synch? Googles Android Auto? Auto Manufacturers proprietary infotainment systems? Whatever the hardware/software mix EVtones™ will be there.


EVtones™ 'set the tone' for the EV Industry by being the first to develop tones (sounds) for Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Electric Vehicles downloaded from the internet. You will be able to download your EVtones™ to your EV's sound/tone system or to your Phone or MP3 player and plug into the EV 'infotainment' sound system.

Now you can have the Electric Vehicle sound you want and you can change the EV's sound anytime. Jet Turbine today, Star Wars sounds tomorrow, your favorite tunes the next…you set the tone! Pull up next to that Harley, switch to chopper sound and have fun as they listen in disbelief. No more wondering if playing children, pedestrians, pets or bicyclists you are approaching knows you are there. You can let them know you’re coming with EVtones™. Be seen and Heard! NOTE: While some of these sounds may not be in the proposed rules now this is just the beginning. Remember where ringtones began?

WHY EVtones™? 

Organizations representing the Blind pushed for action and won. Electric Vehicles are now required by law to have sounds. EVtones™ have a special 'under tone' embedded in the EVtones™ audible only to those with the most acute hearing (ie., the blind) to distinguish these tones coming from an EV. Plus, EVtones™ also have an embedded tone similar to a dog whistle to pre-alert Seeing Eye dogs. Pet lovers across the world will feel a sense of security knowing that their pets will be alerted to on coming, silent running Electric Vehicles. Animal lovers and animal rights groups can be assured that small urban wildlife will also be alerted to an EVs approach.

Going green doesn't sound so bad after all.  Whether it’s an electric car, electric truck, electric bike or other EV, your Electric Vehicle can have the sound you want, when you want. Everyone agrees that the future of transportation is the EV. People and Politicians from all parties agree that change will happen soon...wait...soon is now Electric Vehicles and Hybrids are here! Tesla and Toyota, the GM Volt and Nissan Leaf plus many others and they all are required to emit sounds.  

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn said at a Detroit auto show, "We should say specifically 'young people, first-new-car buyer,' " when speaking about the target market for EV's and EV Hybrids. We must be sure that we make the EV 'fun' as well as practical. While we don't want EV's to become noise polluters, we can make them sound compliant as well as make them fun at the same time. EVtones™ don't have be to loud, they just need to be coolGreat strides are being made in Photovoltaic solar panels, wind power and in electric car and electric truck batteries. This research will help make Electric vehicles even more Earth friendly.

The samples on our website are borrowed low quality, basic sounds used to test the concept. To develop the first original evtones sounds we will be partnering with a top local sound studio to do recording and ‘building’ of the tones. We are in Central Florida after all and the Studio we choose will be one of the best and will have worked with Disney, Universal Studios, etc. The samples on our webpage were put together at Phantom City Studios in Orlando located in the heart of the Theme Park/Studio area of Central Florida. In addition to the professional team above we have a pool of talent to draw upon in Central Florida. Some of our additional team may include students or grads from Full Sail University right here in Orlando, one of the best known schools for Music production, App development and Digital Arts in the world. Overall Central Florida is becoming one of the premier Green Technology corridors in the country. UCF is also making a huge impact on the tech world with its world class technology department.

The volume of the EVtones will be programmed to rise and fall depending on the speed of the car. At slower speeds the volume may be lower and as speeds increase the volume would increase to a max volume (‘Goldilocks’ volume, not too high - not to low...just rightThe tones will have the option to start over each time you pull away from a stop, ie getting the beginning sound of acceleration from a vehicle tone, jet tone, etc. EVtones in their final stage will be more or less like a ringtone. We will work with the industry, organizations representing the blind and you on that perfect sound to please all. The number of EVtones that could one day be available? uuhh... infinite! Every sound, every song could potentially be an EVtone. So long as song writers keep writing and producing we can keep converting them to EVtones. This includes the indie community. We can’t let the ‘big boys’ have all the fun.

We have partnered with an experienced app builder with a team of over 100 technicians worldwide and we will be releasing the EVtones phone and personal device mobile application soon. 

EVtones™...creating an entire new industry within the EV and music world.

With the launch of EVtones™, we created what could be a whole new licensing revenue stream for the Music Industry. Songs from across all music genres will be added to the EVtones™ library of tones as we grow into the #1 brand in EV sound downloads. EVtones™ will be a welcome addition to revenue generation for the music Industry. EVtones™ unique MP3 downloads will command a substantial premium and provide higher revenues to the music Industry over current regular music MP3's. 

Electric Vehicle drivers must be allowed the freedom to choose the sound they want their vehicle to make, If Washington and the world choose to require EV's to emit sounds then we must be allowed to choose our own! Be pro-choice....pro-sound choice...choose your own EVtones™. 

We are urging all electric vehicle manufacturers to make their sound producing devices EVtones™ - MP3 compatible. Intel's Atom chip designed for in-EV "infotainment", Microsofts Auto Software platform, along with other hardware and software technologies from around the globe make for perfect systems for EVtones™ downloads.


We have begun building our Facebook/Evtones pages and will begin 'tweeting' again soon. We have several e-video concepts ready to go into production to begin a super-viral campaign to make EVtones™ the name in EV sounds.

EVtones™... Protecting People, Pets and the Planet™ ...while having fun doing it!

             Sample EVtones
Jet Engine
Sports Car 

{The beta EVtones™ above have the 
 'under tone' for the blind and 'dog whistle' tone.}

Thousands of EVtones™ will be available on our official Launch. 
Please Contact US to get 2 FREE EVtones when we go live.

The EVtones™ above were created for Bran-Rae at Phantom City Studios in Orlando Florida. Phantom City Studios has a lengthy celebrity client list which includes Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montanna, Shaquille O'Neal, Lindsay Lohan, Snoop Dogg, 
Justin Bieber, Eminem, Metalica, Dave Matthews, Clay Aiken and many more.  The list also includes voice overs for Disney, Ford, Nissan, Moday Night Football and many more.  




New July 5, 2017- Volvo announced today that all vehicles designed and built after 2019 will be Electric or Hybrid Electric Vehicles. This is the first major vehicle manufacturer to go all electric. 

November 14, 2016 The NHTSA announced finalized details on EVtones, sounds for electric vehicles. Electric Vehicles are to have these tones by 2019, more information to come

Bloomberg News:
The NHTSA announced - Electric cars, which have soundless engines, would need to make noises to let pedestrians know they’re near under a U.S. proposed rule released today (1/7/2013). 
Sounds would need to be detectable when vehicles are traveling slower than 18 miles per hour (29 kilometers) so electric and hybrid-electric cars can be heard by bicyclists and pedestrians, particularly the visually impaired, under the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rule.


From The Los Angeles Times...

"Nissan sound engineers have announced that the Leaf electric car set for release next year will emit a “beautiful and futuristic” noise". "..car owners will download a sound for their car the way many consumers buy ring tones for their cellphones." 


will be to electric vehicles what 
You tube is to e-video, google is to search engines,
ring tones are to cell phones and
iTunes™ is to music...


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Bran-Rae founder Robert McDowell is also founder of Operation Christmas…for Children of Fallen Troops. McDowell also co-produced a CD featuring children of fallen troops. The CD made #8 on billboard charts. 
(Children of fallen troops are an integral part of this company. A  portion of EVTONES™ sales or the sale of the company will go to support children of fallen troops.)

We also own the highly desirable domain names EVtires.com, EVfastcharge.com, EVKWIKcharge.com and others. We recently completed the sale of EVEZcharge.com. The demand for these Electric Vehicle related domain names, concepts and businesses have been increasing exponentially over the last year and will continue.

Please Support Children of Fallen US Troops at TAPS.org (TAPS is a well respected non-political, non-religious based organization focused strictly on the families. We have no direct affiliation with TAPS)

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