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Governments across the globe are mandating the adoption of Electric Vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles within the next few years. Auto manufacturers have announced recently they will be increasing EV models dramatically to meet these mandates and current emissions regulations. Most governments, like the United States, are mandating that EVs emit sounds to alert the blind and pedestrians to their approach. EVtones™ will be a part of this Global rEVolution in Electric Vehicle transportation. 

"Hey Alexa, EVtones jet engine"..."Siri, EVtones #1billboard"..."Google [car], EVtones Indy car." 

As we have said since 2005 when we created and were the first to introduce this concept to the public on 2/26/2018 we were vindicated! The NHTSB announced that "Electric cars, which have soundless engines, would need to make noises to let pedestrians know they’re near under a U.S. proposed rule." The initial rules are now scheduled to be implemented in 2020. 

The NHTSB website makes several references to these sounds as 'Tones' such as "...tones are added, overall levels are adjusted" and "...focus on the tone-to-noise ratio of the alert". We are happy to see the NHTSB agrees that these sounds are evTONES. Just like 'ringtones' became ingrained in the verbal lexicon relating to mobile phones, the 'EVTONES' brand will be ingrained in the verbal lexicon relating to electric vehicles. 

"EVtones™ will be to electric vehicles
google is to search engines
ring tones are to cell phones
iTunes™ is to music... " 


 EVtones™ 'set the tone' for the EV Industry by being the first to develop tones (sounds) for Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Electric Vehicles downloaded from the internet. You will be able to download your EVtones™ to your EV's sound/tone system or to your Phone and connect to your EVs 'infotainment' sound system. 

DIT with ICE 

Some laws may require sounds be heard below a certain speed. Others may allow  Directional Infrared Targeting, sounds will only be heard out side when a pedestrian is detected and only targeted to that individual while you enjoy your In Car Experience listening to your favorite EVtones™ when you choose. Visit EVtires to buy the right tire for your Electric Vehicle.

Unique Sounds

Now you can have the Electric Vehicle sound you want and you can change the EV's sound anytime. Jet Turbine today, Star Wars sounds tomorrow, your favorite tunes the next…you set the tone! Pull up next to that Harley, switch to chopper sound and have fun as they listen in disbelief. No more wondering if playing children, pedestrians, pets or bicyclists you are approaching knows you are there. You can let them know you’re coming with EVtones™. Be seen and Heard! NOTE: While some of these sounds may not be in the proposed rules now this is just the beginning. Remember where ringtones began? 

Call to Action

 Organizations representing the Blind pushed for action and won. All Electric Vehicles including plug in electric vehicles are now required by law to have ev sounds. EVtones™ have a special 'under tone' embedded in the EVtones™ audible only to those with the most acute hearing (ie., the blind) to distinguish these tones coming from an EV. Plus, EVtones™ also have an embedded tone similar to a dog whistle to pre-alert Seeing Eye dogs. Pet lovers across the world will feel a sense of security knowing that their pets will be alerted to on coming, silent running Electric Vehicles. Animal lovers and animal rights groups can be assured that small urban wildlife will also be alerted to an EVs approach.


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