EVtones™, a Bran-Rae company, is an online download service providing tones or sounds which are downloaded to an Electric Vehicles sound producing, MP3 compatible system. The Directional Infrared Targeted on demand tones are looping sounds with a volume that rises and falls as the vehicle speeds up or slows down. EVtones™ provides a wide variety of tones which include, music (like ringtones), carbon based fueled vehicle sounds such as jet engines, motorcycles, sports cars, etc., and many others. We are currently 'encouraging' Electric Vehicle companies to install MP3 compatible sound producing devices in their vehicles. 

Since EV's are being required to have and many people want them to have sounds they might as well sound cool. In addition, EVtones™ could be creating a whole new Licencing revenue stream for the Music Industry.THE COMPANY  EVtones™ is located in Central Florida, a leading technology innovation region of the United States. EVtones™ is currently based in the USA but the concept of bringing sounds to the Electric car will certainly have worldwide appeal. .
THE FUTURE...is now!The Electric Vehicle revolution is here. Please join us at twitter and facebook.   

Bran-Rae founder Robert McDowell was also founder of a non-profit that supported children of fallen US troops. McDowell also co-produced a CD featuring children of fallen troops. The CD made #8 on billboard charts. (Children of fallen troops are an integral part of this company. A  portion of EVTONES™ sales or the sale of the company will go to support children of fallen troops.)    



 (Bran-Rae is also the owner and publisher of EVtires.com, EVfastcharge.com, EVKWIKcharge.com and others. We recently completed the sale of EVEZcharge.com. The demand for these Electric Vehicle related domain names, concepts and businesses have been increasing exponentially over the last year and will continue.)