EVtones Samples

In The Studio


We are back in the studio for 2019. The EVtones samples below can be modified, changed, sound layers added, sounds subtracted there are infinite possibilities to having the perfect sounds for your electric vehicle. The volume for each layer of sound can be increased or decreased. If you want to hear a little more of that Christmas tune, that country beat or that hip-hop bass we can fine-tune your EVtones to that perfect Electric Car sound. Would you prefer a little more futuristic sound or are do you want that more nostalgic car engine sound.  We can mix n match combine and alter EVtones samples to your ears desire. 

Phil, producer at our partner Real Feel Studios is creating a real feel to our EVtones working his magic building on these first few ‘teaser’ EVtones samples. And yes we are proud of the diversity that our partners at Real Feel Studios help us bring to the EV industry. 

Depending on final regulatory rules these sounds may turn off at 18MPH. In some of these EVtones samples some of the layers may be exaggerated just so you can easily hear them on phones and other small speaker devices. Enjoy! ...and drop us a line and tell us what you want to hear.

Coming soon...a surprise addition that will bring an even greater unique, organic 'real' feel sound to EVtones.



Aggressive Sports Car

Here is a sample with an aggressive, fast, rocking feel. This Evtones sample gives you a sound with acceleration and deceleration.  Note the 'warp speed' sound a the end of the acceleration part of the sound :) (A continuous  mid sound loop will play when at constant speed.)   


How about a little ‘Jetsons’ with that Aggressive Car.


Seasonal Transit Tone

This is a seasonal ’transit tone’ with a simple basic bus sound, 'futuristic' and others coming. These are geared toward city electric bus systems, fleets, etc. Everything in this EVtones sample can be modified. This one EVtones sample has infinite audio possibilities for your buses, other EV's.   


Country Transit Tone

Here is another  ‘teaser’ sample from a recent Studio session. This is a simple  ’transit tone’ sample with a country back tone geared toward city electric bus systems. Everything in this EVtones sample can be modified.  This one EVtones sample has infinite possibilities for your buses or EV's.    

Many More Samples Coming Soon.

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.